Firestone Vineyard Wine Lab Sunday: Who put butter in my Chardonnay?

Jul 23, 2023 Event Wine Tasting
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Sommelier Billie Rolla will lead a group of wine enthusiasts in “Who Put Butter in my Chardonnay?” that includes a lab activity, small group conversation, and of course, wine! From Butter-bomb fanatics to ABC (Anything But Chardonnay) diehards, Chardonnay is the loved and love-to-hate varietal. What most people don’t know is that there are many different styles of Chardonnay from creamy, lee-stirred, oaked styles with super aging power to lean, tart and mineral-driven versions or Brunch-worthy sparklers! Come explore the many different flavors of Chardonnay. We’ll whip up some fun labs to discover how some styles get that signature butter!

This experience includes one bottle each of the following wines for guests to take home:

2020 Foley Sonoma Chardonnay
2021 Chalone Chardonnay Musque
2020 Firestone Chardonnay

Duration: 1:30 hour experience

Reservation is for parties of 2.
Firestone Cellar Club and FFW Members: $156 per 2 guests
General Public – $195 per 2 guests

No pets are permitted as this experience takes place in our HAACP certified winery.

Questions? Please contact us, (805) 688-3940, or